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Growing up in the “Emo” scene listening to genres such as pop punk and hardcore, Jordan developed a taste for high energy, heavy, yet melodic music. In 2015 Jordan went to Stereosonic where he fell in love with EDM. It seemed that EDM could be high energy, heavy and melodic as well. This started a journey of discovering a whole new universe of music. Meeting new friends on this journey who introduced him to DJing, Jordan fell even more in love with dance music.

Maroubra Ableton Lessons


The ability to play so many songs on your own without a band or singer was incredible. After a year of DJing, he looked into making his own music. With his favourite genres like bass music, house, Hardstyle and trap, MAYDAY!!! set out to create music that would combine elements of everything he loved into one. MAYDAY!!! was born. Jordan is super excited to share his skills and knowledge with the next generation of producers, helping foster some amazing talent!

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Jordan taught me so much from basic DJing through to advanced mixing and production. He’s energy and style really motivates you to be better and bring out the best in your ability! Super grateful for what he’s shown me and allowed me to find my own path way in music and electronic production!

Jordan is awesome! He understands where I want to take my DJ skills and musical journey. Having a teacher that can understand me is the best feeling. Highly Recommend!
Tiara Francis


What people are saying…



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